Full bathroom remodels expensive. Or rather, they seem to like it. If you’re going for the approach that rips and replaces, that’s going to be costly. However, not all budget bathroom renovations are small-scale. There are ways to cut the budget but still make a significant profit.

The key here is to use cosmetic creativity. You can do a quick aesthetic refresh at a fraction of the cost of a full ripping and gutting. Here’s some advice on how to get that done.

One thing you can try is the use of tile paint. This is great if you’re willing to do it yourself or hire a reliable painter to do old tiles.

Dated tiles are usually colourful and embellished, remnants of the 60s and 70s. By repainting them, you keep the tiles but get rid of the colour. You’ll want waterproof paint that’s wear-resistant, along with a refinishing kit. If you don’t hire a painter, the costs are minimal.

Floor tiles can’t be painted, so sometimes you do have to replace them.

Fortunately, there are ways to get budget bathroom renovations Perth with this. Auction houses online like Grays offer fantastic bargains for these materials. Other online avenues are low-cost, too. Use darker ones for flooring, since they hide door and scuffing better. And don’t use polished tiles.

Camouflage old cabinets. There are a few tricks to this.

One good way is to just paint over the existing vanity or cabinets. Just grab some sandpaper to remove the old finish. Getting that layer removed evenly gives you a new canvas to work on. Repaint and consider replacing the handles if you’re looking to update those too. There are even kits for the job.

The tub and sink that used to be crisp-white but aren’t anymore can be a challenge. Sometimes, they’re definitely in the rip and remodel category. Other times, you might still be able to salvage them.

A professional resurfacing for these will be hard, but not impossible. Tile paints for refinishing the tub and sink can work, especially if you’re looking at discolour surfaces. There are also refinishing kits for these purposes if you’re willing to put in the effort.

Now, there is one thing you don’t want to skimp the budget on, and that is the toilet.

If you’ve got a bad or busted toilet, replace it. You’re probably better off upgrading to one with more power or water-efficiency anyway.

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